Privacy Policy

Policy Statement:
Privacy and Security of Member Personal Information

Mid Island Co-op is committed to high levels of service and quality. We are also committed to protecting and safeguarding any personal information provided to us by our members.

Our policies and procedures have been designed to comply with the Personal Information Protection Act of British Columbia. From time to time, this policy may be updated. When this happens, revisions will be available through our web site at, or from any one of our locations.

This policy statement summarizes the measures we take to ensure your member personal information is handled appropriately.

Should you wish to receive more detailed information about our information privacy policies and procedures, please contact our Privacy Officer at 250-729-8429, or by email at

Collection, use, disclosure and retention:
Mid Island Co-op will collect from you only the personal information that is necessary to establish and maintain your membership. Your express consent will be obtained for the collection of such personal information, before it is collected. If your personal information is shared with a third party (eg: credit agency), Mid Island Co-op ensures that these third parties are bound by appropriate agreements to protect the confidentiality of your personal information.

Mid Island Co-op will retain your personal information only for as long as required to establish or maintain your membership, or as may be required by federal or provincial laws. We are committed to keeping your personal information up to date, accurate and relevant for its intended use.

Mid Island Co-op ensures that your personal information is secure by implementing physical security measures such as restricted access facilities, passwords, locked facilities and by strictly limiting access only to those Mid Island Co-op employees who need access to your information in order to maintain your membership.

Access and questions:
You may request access to your personal information stored by Mid Island Co-op by contacting us through our Privacy Officer (see above). Upon request, we will show you the information we have on record, how it is used, and whether it has been disclosed. If your personal information requires changing or updating, your written request to the Privacy Officer will give us the authorization to make these revisions.

We promise to respond promptly to your questions, concerns, or complaints about the privacy of your personal information and our privacy policies and procedures.

Thank you for your continued patronage.

Mid Island Co-op