Member benefits

Become a member-owner for one-time investment of only $10.00. As a member of Mid Island Co-op, you will share in the profits of the organization.

Each time you use your member number your purchases are recorded. A the end of the year, members-owners are entitled to a share in the company profits based on their purchases  with the Co-op. These profits are paid out partially in equity and partially in cash. For 2015, Mid Island Co-op returned $3.5 million dollars back to our members in cash and equity.

Stop by any of our fifteen locations to fill out an application or JOIN NOW online.


Receive equity rebates on all purchases (excluding gift cards). For 2015, members received a 4% equity rebate on their purchases.

As a member of a democratic organization, you have a voice in how the Co-op operates. You are entitled to a vote at the AGM and run for the Board of Directors.

The Co-op is owned by local residents, so it is a part of your community. That means that all of our earning stay in the communities we serve.

100% of profits are returned to the community through reinvestment in the Co-op, equity allocations to our members-owners and through contributions to community organizations and local youth.

By shopping Co-op, you contribute to your own and your community’s economic and social well- being.

As a Co-op member, you’re eligible for exclusive insurance coverage and savings from The Co-operators.

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  1. If you move from the trading area, you may apply to have your equity repaid to the member the Co-op number belongs.
  2. When you reach age 67, you may apply to withdrawal your equity.
  3. In the event of a death, the equity will be paid in full to the estate.
  4. Equity over $1,800 will be paid out on request.

The above applications for withdrawal of equities is at the discretion of the Directors.

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