About Mid Island Co-op

Located on Vancouver Island, BC, Mid Island Co-op has been in business since 1959 and was created by local citizens as an alternative way to provide themselves with goods and services. We currently have more than 57,000 members throughout our territory; spanning from North Cowichan to Sayward.

Mid Island Co-op has fifteen retail petroleum and convenience store locations, seven commercial Cardlocks as well as the Co-op Centre on Bowen Road which houses Coastal Community Credit Union, Island Home Furniture, Centric Health Home Medical Equipment, Kelly's Kitchen and Kool & Child.       

In order to serve our members better, we are continuing to expand and develop Mid Island Co-op throughout the Mid Vancouver Island Region.

All of our profits stay in the communities we serve through re-investment in the Co-op, equity allocations to our member-owners and through contributions to community organizations and local youth.

Our Vision
Proudly providing diversity of services and support in every community we serve.                            
Our Mission
Delivering exceptional experiences while enriching our communities and returning profits to our members by providing superior service, products and facilities.

Community - Support and Giving Back
Respect - Everyday, Every-way
Teamwork - Support Each Other 
Integrity - Ethical, Honest, Accountable

Mid Island Co-op adheres to the seven internationally recognized Cooperative Principles. Co-operative Principles are guidelines by which co-operatives put their values into practice. The following statement of principles was developed though the International Co-operative Alliance.

   1. Voluntary and Open Membership
   2. Democratic Control
   3. Member Economic Participation
   4. Autonomy and Independence
   5. Education, Training and Information
   6. Co-operation among Co-operatives
   7. Concern for Community

ROLE OF A MEMBER (CORE FUNCTION)                                                                        To participate in the ownership, control and patronage of their Co-operative to the end that fulfills its purpose (meets the needs of the members).

Different members will have a variety of interests in their Co-operatives.  However, for the Co-op to effectively function as a Co-operative, each member should be carrying the majority of the following responsibilities:

1)     Patronize the Co-operative
2)     Abide by the laws and policies of the Co-operative.
3)     Participate in the election of Directors.
4)     Participate as a Director.
5)     Assess the performance of the organization.
6)     Communicate complaints,suggestions, comments and needs of the Co-operative.
7)     Participate in activities of the Co-operative.
8)     Explain or discuss the Co-operative with other members and potential members.
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